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4 Good Reasons to Use a Toy for Prostate Massage

While the scientific jury’s still out on the widely-touted medical benefits of prostate massage, one thing is for sure: healthy sex is good for you. And for many men, prostate massage makes healthy sex — and specifically ejaculation — even better.

Sure, you can go au natural with some manual exploration — whether on yourself or your partner — but the right purpose-made toy can elevate prostate massage to art form.

1. Fingers Aren’t Ideally Shaped

P-Spot Massager


They can often be too short to reach the prostate. Long or rough fingernails can be not only uncomfortable, but downright unsafe when it comes to delicate anal tissue. 

The ring-shaped handle allows you or your partner to grip firmly and gently slide the bulb-tipped shaft inside the prostate stimulation - inducing more powerful, mind-blowing orgasms!

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*Not a scientific statistic but an excellent best guess

2. Toys Can Be More HygienicDeep Drill Massager

You might enjoy occasionally employing a pair of disposable latex gloves for a little sanitary doctor/patient role playing with your hands, nothing makes truly dirty play more refined than a beautiful pleasure object.

Man-sized probe with realistic features - Flexible shaft with incredible girth.

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*In fact you should do this if you’re sharing your toy with more than one person.

 3. Made-for-Play Toys Are Way Safer Than Found ItemsVibrating Perfect Plug

Emergency room horror stories of foreign objects lodged in the rectum aren’t urban legends — they’re statistically significant!

The ergonomic design of the base ensures it won't slip too far inside while still fitting comfortably between your cheeks.




*In fact you should do this if you’re sharing your toy with more than one person.

4. Technology Is Fun…And ReliableRemote Control Silicone Plug

Forget your fingers, let your toys do the walking!

If you've never tried anal play, the Remote-Control Silicone Plug is just what you need to explore the amazing world of anal stimulation.

The Remote-Control Silicone Plug features a tapered tip for easy entry, while the whisper-quiet motor delivers mind-blowing vibrations directly to your most sensitive spot.

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*In fact you should do this if you’re sharing your toy with more than one person.

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