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Anal toys for men over 40

Prostate play may seem rather daunting to most heterosexual men, perhaps less so for bisexual and gay men but as well as being pleasurable, this also improves a number of health issues.

Prostate milking helps to combat prostatitis, enlarged prostate, BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) and other ailments of the prostate. Keeping your prostate healthy reduces the chance of prostate cancers, improves sexual performance and improves the tone of the pelvic muscles. A prostate in good health can also lead to stronger and more enjoyable orgasms, as well as better control of your erection and stamina. Greater blood flow to this area also enhances the strength of your erections and orgasms.

Generally a man's prostate increases in size after the age of 40 due to various hormonal changes in his body.  A larger prostate can create or increase urinary tract issues such as painful urination, nocturia (needing to get up a number of times at night to urinate), frequent urination, difficulty in starting urine flow, dribbling and urinary urgency. Prostate massage helps reduce the growth of the prostate, thereby alleviating these symptoms.

Prostate massage can be very enjoyable and there are many sex toys on the market that can help with this process. You can use them along or encourage a partner to explore and enjoy prostate massage with you. There are many anal toys such as dildos, butt plugs, anal vibrators and even anal milking devices available to help you explore improving your prostate and overall sexual health. You can buy anal toys online or if you stay near a large city such as Brisbane, there are many adult stores that stock anal toys that you can explore.

Toys come in various types, shapes, designs and colours and you can look at starting with something small and working your way up to a comfortable size to stimulate your prostate gland efficiently. Exploring your own body is healthy, improves your mood and also helps you discover problems and get them treated early. The use of anal toys to milk the prostate and reduce the size has pleasurable benefits and many health benefits as detailed above.

Using lubrication, relaxing your body, especially the walls of your anus will ensure easier first time use. Be gentle with your prostate. Anal prostate massagers are designed to stimulate the prostate gently and safely and can be used regularly for great results.

Stay healthy and in tip top sexual form by purchasing your anal toys to stimulate your prostate regularly for best results. Online stores or any of the adult stores in Brisbane would offer a large variety of toys, lubes and accessories to ensure you find exactly what you need to get started.

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