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How do vibrators help sexually satisfy lonely women?

Dildos have been around for more than 30000 years, and in the earlier part of the 20th century vibrators were used to treat women who were considered “hysterical” and were referred to as medical massagers. Only since the 1990s has the use of sex toys become something people in the mainstream actually talk about. Toys for sexual pleasure were kept hush and had a social stigma attached to them. Now you can find vibrators in your local pharmacy next to the lubes and condoms. Why have vibrators become so popular?

Today more than 50% of women use vibrators, some even on a daily basis. Using a vibrator helps you discover your pleasure centres, brings blood flow to all your genitals and helps relieve sexual frustration.  Orgasm brings on a feeling of well-being and relaxation and can aid sleep, particularly if you have been feeling sexually frustrated.

Touching and stimulating your own body makes you feel loved and leads you into loving yourself as well. This builds confidence in yourself and an appreciation for everything your body does for you. Loving your body helps you to treat it right and increases your overall satisfaction with yourself as a person. Loneliness can also be relieved to a degree by self love. Enjoying an orgasm from stimulating your body in the ways you prefer can enhance your feeling of well being and have you enjoying your solitude instead of feeling lonely. This does not exclude you having a partner at some point if you are wanting one, but it does build up your confidence and help you know what you like and what you don't. Being able to guide a partner into what pleasures you can improve your enjoyment of sexual intercourse with a partner as well.

Masturbation is linked to reduced depression, lower stress levels, better genital health as well as early identification of any health problems related to breasts and vaginal tissues. Orgasms also reduce cramps and pain during menstrual periods. You even improve your immune system and recover from colds and flu faster if you practise regular stimulation to orgasm.

For Queenslanders, buying vibrators in Brisbane from the many available sex shops could help you decide on a sex toy that suits your needs. There are many sizes, thicknesses, shapes and colours to choose from, providing various types of stimulation. If you are a first time vibrator buyer and still feel a bit embarrassed to walk into a sex shop or just prefer the convenience of having your toys delivered to your door, you can buy vibrators online. There are many online businesses that deliver discreetly to your home in neat unmarked parcels. Lovespice69 is one such online company with toys, lingerie, lotions, lubes and novelties available to purchase with no hassle and easy shipping. With many well priced personal pleasure items available, you are sure to find something you like.

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