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The perfect gift for your single mum's 50th birthday

Women over 50 may have a reduction in hormones due to menopause, but this does not mean that they lose interest in sex and orgasms. You would be surprised to find that their libido is higher than you would expect and they generally know their bodies fairly well. If they don't, there is nothing better than some self pleasuring to help them enjoy their bodies.

When a woman reaches 50, she is often ready to let go of the traumas and issues she has experienced in the past and is ready to explore herself as a sexual being. Generally at this age the children are older or have left the home, her career is established if she has one and she knows what she still wants to achieve in life. A woman at this age may be ready to embrace her sexual desires and her personal sexual energy and what better way to explore these than with some personal pleasure devices.

A single mum over 50 generally has more time available to explore herself. There are dildos, vibrators and many other sex toys available for a single mum to enjoy. If you have a great relationship with your mum, you could get an idea of the type of dildo or vibrator she might prefer, or you can always shop online together for her birthday gift.  There are many varied sizes, thicknesses, colours and types of dildos and vibrators available today and you are sure to find one that she will enjoy.  Maybe even pick out a few different ones for her to try out when she has some alone time. You could even look at a gift certificate to a sex shop or online sex toy site for mum to pick out her own pleasure device if you are not certain of what to get her. There are studies of Australian men and women that show that around 40% of women masturbate regularly, so this is not something for anyone to be embarrassed about.

Blood flow to the genital area is a good way to keep an older woman's pubic area healthy. Lubricants are available for clitoral stimulation as well as to improve any vaginal dryness that may be experienced, improving her enjoyment of self exploration. Self satisfaction also helps improve self esteem, confidence and simply feeling great! Orgasm releases chemicals that improve feelings of sadness, depression and stress and makes you feel good. These are all great reasons to help mum choose her personal stress reliever.

Help mum take care of her health and well-being, reduce depression and stress and improve her mood over all by introducing her to vibrators and dildos and the world of sex toys if she hasn't already found them herself. Mum may surprise you with what she already has in her night-stand.

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