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The sex life of FIFO workers in Queensland

Fly in fly out workers spend a lot of time on site away from spouses, loved ones and partners which can play havoc with their sex lives. Communication is the key to keeping the love life in tip top shape.

When your significant other is miles away and you feel sexually frustrated and miss that loving feeling, there are a few things you can do to keep the juices flowing. Look at buying gifts for mutual masturbation such as dildos, vibrators, flesh-lights, butt plugs, anal vibrators, button vibrators or any other toys that strike your fancy. Then spend time sexting each other if you don't have access to a pc or laptop or a decent tablet or smart-phone. Sexting can also be great as a warm up for some quality time over Skype or any other video chat when you are both alone and in a setting where you wouldn't be disturbed. Buy some lingerie; gift each other little sexy items such as warming lube, lingerie, Ben Wa balls, mini vibes or anything else you find sexy and fun. There are even vibrators that can be controlled with a USB adaptor, allowing him to stimulate her or vice versa over the internet. Send each other erotic notes and stories, whisper sweet nothings in voice notes, and keep the romance and the sexual tension going. Mutual masturbation while listening or watching each other or both can be extremely sensual and stimulating for both partners.

There is a prevalence of the use of sex workers by FIFO workers when on the mining sites, and this can cause problems in a relationship as well as increasing the risks of STDs and other diseases. By spending online time with your spouse or significant other, you can release some of your sexual frustration by mutual masturbation or individually relieving your stresses, while sharing your thoughts and passions via pc, smart-phone or other media device. Using different toys and exploring together helps you feel closer and connected, even though you are apart for a length of time.

Make the time you have together at home extra special. The first few times you probably won't need anything extra to get you love on as the adrenaline high of being together will probably be enough to have you working off all the sexual frustration built up while your partner was away. The same as with anything else, the novelty eventually wears off and you might not find that you jump into bed as soon as possible anymore that is when you get creative. As the working partner, you might want to send home a gift of sexy lingerie, somebody chocolate, sensual toys or even edible underwear to prepare for your homecoming. The stay at home partner may look at some sensual lighting, mood music, silk sheets, champagne and flavoured condoms to keep the spark alive. Maybe get cheeky with some handcuffs, blindfolds and leather accessories. Bringing toys and accessories into the bedroom is a great way to reignite the flames of passion and make sure things never get dull and boring.

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